Viability of Linux Gaming

April 25th, 2006 by Crusader

Hackenslash posted an examinationof Linux gaming, which includes comments from LinuxGames contributorZachary “not the guy from Saved by the Bell” Slater and Jermome Gotangco ofthe Ubuntu Linux distribution.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    The article had very little substance.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    As far as tools for Linux the tipping point (hot term latley) is near. You have the Sauerbraten simple cube Tileset editor being refined. FOSS Engines like Ogre3D and most are open source now or converting supporting Linux in the process. So I think Open Source is going to be more successful on Linux then non-free games. It’s more diverse then the DirectX enviro.
    Devs like OpenGL because of FOSS Mesa. Playstation 3 will be supporting Linux and not Windows out of the box in November and they are using the opensource Linux EnterpriseDB server to host the online content. They are supporting the UNREAL Engine as their prime dev tool, which uses the Reality Engine, by the way (which used to only support DX). Sony Online. I am playing Star Wars Galaxies (windows only for now) now and it’s stable and able so far.
    It seems like allot of Open source games now come with an editor of some sort. Being open source and mainly running on Linux provides a better dev environment. :-p
    Is it completely polished or functional yet? Partially, but we are definitely at the beginning since this is all new in the past few years. FOSS tools have really driven Linux development if you take a look at the GTKRadient editor that has been released under the GPL in march. I think they are making Crystal Core with it as it’s popular for Crystal Space engine.
    Also the WorldForge editor is coming around as the developers actually are doing something on their blogs lately. They have WF Mason and Sear which are getting decent. OI hope they can compete with SWG with a Sci-Fi mod. In Mason you can build your own towns/buildings/items in an MMO environment based on Ogre3D. As a matter of fact GTK itself has come around only the last year.
    To keep it all together the LSB, Linux Standards Base, is helping to refine Installation and dependency issues that have held Linux back from converting to a Desktop gaming rig from just servers for business use.
    It’s still a bitch to install non repo games as every Installer seems totally different without recognizing dependencies. Just giving errors in Konsole. The Installers are actually better then Windows, like Torrent ones, but they’re just not totally there yet as far as working a certain way every time.

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