Defcon in Testing

April 24th, 2006 by Crusader

Introversion Software’s newesttitle, Defcon,is now in privatetesting:

Today we kicked off the Defcon beta test – we are nowin the final phases of this games development. 100 Testers have been chosenfrom the list of applicants, and emailed instructions on how to download thefirst alpha.

We have developed a ton of new networking technology for this game (servermatching, authentication, lan play etc) so the first builds will be designedto test just that. This means they are unplayable. Testers can start games andjoin games, via internet or LAN, but once the game starts their team iscontrolled by AI and they can only watch. This will enable us to safely testthe new networking systems before (eventually) moving on to the full game.

Defcon is a real-time strategy game inspired by Cold War strategic nuclearwarfare scenarios.

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