TripleA 0.8.1

April 23rd, 2006 by Marv

A new unstable release of TripleA, a turn-based strategy game engine and Axis and Allies clone, has been released. Changes include:

  • add capture the flag map (iron cross)
  • let ai place in places other than the capitol if not all units can be placed in the capitol (sgb)
  • fix move bug when no units are selected with pop up (sgb)
  • fix “Not enough units in starting territory” bug when hitting done (sgb)
  • fix history update bug in multiplayer (sgb)
  • fix bug where if A has 1 carrier and no fighters in a sea zone and is allied to B with 1 carrier and 3 fighters in the saem sea zone, when A moves his carrier out of the sea zone, B’s 1 fighter doesnt move with it (if A moved his carrier in the sea zone after B moved his carrier into the sea zone)
  • show strategic bombing raid casualty notification (sgb)
  • fixed bug where deselecting game-confirm enemy casualties would also stop confirming your own automatically selected casualties (sgb)
  • europe and pacific map fixes (zero pilot)

Download: [ TripleA 0.8.1 ]

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