Grid Wars

April 23rd, 2006 by Crusader

I saw this mentionedon Kotaku a while back: MarkIncitti has written a clone of Geometry Wars using theBlitzMaxprogramming language. Incitti’s version is built for Windows(although the source code is available, so you can fiddle with it on Linux ifyou have the BlitzMaxIDE), but one of his contributors, taumel, has ported his fork to Linux:GridWars 2.

Grid Wars 2 Download: [ 3DDownloads | ]

2 Responses to “Grid Wars”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    but it crashes every two minutes :(

  2. TheGreenKnight Says:

    My MS Sidewinder joystick didn’t work and so I investigated. I made a symlink /dev/js0 -> /dev/input/js0 and it works.

    I’ve found using the joystick D-pad for movement and 4 buttons for firing to be the best control method.

    Nice game.

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