Endgame: Singularity 0.23

March 8th, 2006 by Marv

Version 0.23 of Endgame: Singularity, a game where you simulate life of a true AI, has been released. The story behind this game is that you were created on accident, and you are now trying to find out who is out to destroy you. Changes in this release include:

  • Fixed bug that allowed access to uncompleted bases. (emh, Borg[MDQ] for report)
  • Added ability to destroy bases. (emh, multiple people for suggestion)
  • Reduced (real-world) processor usage. (emh, anonymous for suggestion)
  • Moved savefile location to ~/.endgame/saves (emh, Nescius for patch)
  • Added finance screen. (emh, many for suggestion)
  • Construction time bonus actually works now. (emh)
  • More numbers use commas now. (emh)
  • Increased cost of clusters. (emh)
  • Adjusted button positions for greater usability. (Phil)
  • Minor typo fixes and tightened grammar. (Phil)
  • Further massive reduction in processor usage using new Clock class. (Phil, Adam Bark for original patch)
  • Can destroy bases under construction. (emh, Tim Freeman for suggestion)
  • Bases under construction are no longer protected indefinitely from being discovered. (emh, Tim Freeman for noting problem)
  • Automatically bump machines working jobs to new job levels when they are researched. (emh, Phil for suggestion
  • Tweak Suspicion and Detection displays for readability. (Phil)
  • Move around the various displays on the base screen for parity with the map screen. (Phil)
  • Display the name of the base at the top of the base screen. (Phil, Ticho for suggestion)
  • Reduce discovery chance to 0% after the game is won. (Phil, Szabó Roland for suggestion)
  • Properly localize win screen. (Phil)
  • Right-click will exit from all menus. (emh, mandos for suggestion
  • Warn players when research selected on the Research screen will not use all available CPU. (Phil, mandos for suggestion)
  • Note bases that are under construction in the base list. (emh, Ticho for suggestion)
  • Display the right construction time for items when you have technologies that speed up construction. (emh)
  • - Items will no longer give benefits while under construction. (emh)

Download: [ Endgame: Singularity 0.23 ]

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