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February 20th, 2006 by Crusader

Bioware has released aDiamond Editionof Neverwinter Nights, which includesthe Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark expansion packs, as wellas the Kingmaker module that has been available at their online store. Unfortunately, the DiamondEdition CD utilizes a Windows .EXE for installation, makingit problematic forLinux users at present:

The Kingmaker retail CD is designed for Windows only. It says so on the box.

The online version of the modules has always been available from the BioWareStore for our Linux and Mac customers. There is still no offline version fromthe store at this time, but we are working towards a solution in amongst ourother priorities.

If you’ve yet to purchase NWN, you can still get the Platinum Edition(Linuxinstallation instructions) and order Kingmaker online.If you already have the Diamond Edition, there are installationinstructions which utilize Wine.

Kingmaker won RPG of theYear from the Academy of InteractiveArts and Sciences, so I highly recommend picking it up.

Moreover, a version 1.67 beta patch has been releasedfor the english editions of NWN. Changes are delineatedhere; it’s also noted that a reversion patch to 1.66will be made available.

A news post at the BioWare website pointed out these nifty emitter-based shields a community member created (download).

Finally, there’s still no word on a Linux port (server or client) ofNeverwinter Nights 2, as evidenced bythis recent NeverwinterNights 2 interview @ RPGDot (thanks code_404):

RPGDot: Where does the issue of Linux server support stand?

Darren Monahan: I can say that we have several big Linux fans on the team, but unfortunately no comment at this time. :(

7 Responses to “Neverwinter News”

  1. Trizt Says:

    I can say I still don’t want a NWN2 server if there won’t be a Linux native client.

  2. micks Says:

    Being a big fan of RPG games and having purchased NWN Platinum + all premium modules (online), I have to say Kingmaker seems a bit overrated to me.
    It does feature some nice voice acting and the plot starts out in a rather interesting way, but the module actually promises more than it can fulfil and the ending is purely anti-climactic and leaves you wondering whether that was really ‘it’… Moreover, there’s only one possible ending that I’m aware of, so while they are quite a few ways of reaching it, I feel the replay value of the game is pretty limited.
    My vote for a really excellent module would have to go to Pirates of the Sword Coast (which has excellent story, different endings and really pushes the edges of what you can do with the game content creation tolkit) and Witch’s Wake (included with the rather bland Shadowguard), especially if the whole series ever gets finished. So esentially anything which has Rob Bartel signature over it, I’d sure like to see more from him in the future.

    Ah, and AFAIK Tux Games actually sell NWN Diamond as ‘Platinum’ because of the non-existent Linux support for the Kingmaker CD.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    …and so long as the D&D license is tied to their sinking ship, that could cause problems – Linux NWN2 or not. We’ll see I guess.

  4. zborgerd Says:

    I believe that Zero_Dogg was the first to come up with a viable way to install the premium modules, and even created an installation script that utilizes WINE to get the files out of the EXE.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    My friends and I still play NWN, with the CEP that added all sorts of classes and options we are having fun with old modules again. I originally bought NWN to support Linux games, but then my friend tried it and bought it for Windows. When we played together another couple friends bought it. I said that unless there is a Linux client for NWN2, I won’t be playing it, and thus they don’t have plans to buy NWN2 for Windows either. I would like NWN2 for Linux, but there are so many other games to play I just haven’t had the time to, that I won’t cry if there isn’t a port.
    I wish a company considering ports could set up a pre-order site for a Linux/Mac/etc, and if the game is never ported, no charge, if enough people pre-order it to make it worth their while, then port and you already know your initial sales. Saying you will buy the game and putting a CC number for a preorder are 2 different things.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    There are zip files ON the dvd that contain all the files you need to install on linux.. True the kingmaker modules won’t work unless you buy them off their website. but everything else does w/o using wine.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    just get a recent wine, and make sure you set your CD keys in the .ini file before the installation steps listed on the forums at

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