XShipWars 2.5.4

February 20th, 2006 by Marv

A new release of XShipWars 2.5.4 has been announced. Changes and bugfixes in this release include:

  • Fixed a bug in both SWServ and XSW in which cloaked objects that are right under you will be displayed when they should not be.
  • SWServ now announces player signups (only if con_notify is enabled in the sysparm).
  • Fixed a bug in both SWServ and XSW in which a cloaked object (visibility = 0.0) has been cloaked for a long period (gets deleted on XSW’s local database) will not get recreated when it decloaks in XSW’s local database.
  • Fixed a bug in SWServ in which locking on the nearest object will lock on disconnected players that are set hidden.
  • Added looping sound support, tractor beams now play looping sounds (need to set the sound level to Engines or All).
  • SWServ’s who command now lists the longest connected player last and the laston command now lists the most recently connected player last.

Download: [ XShipWars 2.5.4 ]

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I thoung this project was dead. Long time no see :)

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