Wörms of Prey 0.4.1

February 8th, 2006 by Marv

Another Worms clone has been brought to our attention this week, this one called Wörms of Prey.
New features and changes in this release include:

  • re-established synchronicity when mixing different architectures
  • improved command line help
  • fixed wrong behaviour of client when connecting to Internet server
  • new keys: fps display (default: F9) and toggle fps limiter (default: F8)

Screenshots: [ View ] Downloads: [ Wörms of Prey 0.4.1 ]

2 Responses to “Wörms of Prey 0.4.1”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    some friends and I get together on the weekends and play about 5 hours of LAN games. Sometimes we are not sure what to play or want a little something ‘different’ for a while. I suggested we give this game a try (played single player, isn’t that fun) and what I expected to be 30 min of fun turned into 4 hours! I only quit because it was 3am and I was seeing mirrored dual monitors by then.

    This game is great 1v1 butg ets even better with large numbers (had like 8 at one time). The sad part was I used Linux and my friends use Windows, so I had to borrow a Windows computer to play with them, GLAD that is fixed now!

    Keep up the good work! this is a game I would actually consider looking at the source to help out if I had time.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    any internet servers??

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