Sauerbraten 2006_01_31 Release

January 31st, 2006 by Marv

Sauerbraten, the game based upon Cube and often referred to as the next-generation version of this fast-paced FPS or RPG game, has today released a new version of its open-source game/engine. Although there is no official press release or statement yet, it simply says “lots of multiplayer related new stuff!”. This is the first release for the year and since November of last year.

Screenshots: [ View] Download: [ Sauerbraten 2006_01_31]

2 Responses to “Sauerbraten 2006_01_31 Release”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “Next generation”, eh?

    Looks like Quake 2……

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What are any good FPS projects based on Crystal Space?

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