Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Preview

January 27th, 2006 by Marv

TeleFragged had an opportunity to head over to Splash Damage and got a first hand look at Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Check out the preview posted over at TeleFragged to see what they thought.

2 Responses to “Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Preview”

  1. tjwhaynes Says:

    … I’m getting excited about a game.

    This one is starting to look really interesting. I’ve played my way around every ut2k4 onslaught map and the impact of having vehicles on the battle field is huge. Gameplay becomes a mixture of sneakiness penetrating buildings and hitting objectives and fast-moving open battles with other vehicle-driving opponents. My main criticism of the Doom 3 engine – the lack of large outdoor areas – looks like it is about to be swept away by the new code in Quake Wars. My home box is pretty much the same as that in the preview here, so that gives me hope that it will be pretty and playable without blowing another $600 on a better graphics card.

    Oh well, better start saving!

    Toby Haynes

  2. Anonymous Says:

    quake 4 multiplayer needs larger maps desperatly or soon it will be dead like doom 3… it’s a nonsens to play q4 on a small maps, when most frags are oponents without weapons

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