Advanced Strategic Command 1.16.3

January 22nd, 2006 by Marv

People who have played the Battle Isle series in the past might be interested in a new version of Advanced Strategic Command. Release number 1.16.3 of this game contains the following changes:

  • If the player choses to continue playing a map after victory, the defeat-event will be deactivated
  • Windows version creates crash dumps
  • Fixed compilation problems with gcc 4.1
  • Fixed lack of energy in campaign map 7
  • Fixed message loading on 64 Bit machines (when loading Savegames / Email-Games)
  • Fixed memory allocation error
  • Fixed triggering unit lost message when viewing unit movement range
  • Fixed crash in AI
  • Fixed: unit could be loaded into itself
  • Fixed research transfer when starting new campaign map from old one
  • Fixed replay bug
  • Fixed: ai reduces movement of loaded units
  • Fixed: mines and objects could be placed in not visible areas
  • Fixed ammo transfer bug
  • Large amounts of ammo are reset on game load

Screenshots: [ View ] Download: [ Advanced Strategic Command 1.16.3 ]

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