January 20th, 2006 by Marv

The ever famous /dev/urandom post of the week. Enjoy.

Name/Version: enemy lines 5 initlal release
Summary: Spaceship dogfight with 3d graphic and 2d gameplay.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ enemy lines 5 initlal release ]

Name/Version: E.V.E. Paradox 1.1.1
Summary: E.V.E. Paradox is a game suite with four different games: Flick, Orbit, Arena, and Parity. Flick is a turn-based puzzler, Orbit is an arcade puzzler, Arena is a top-view action game, and Parity is a turn-based arcade puzzler.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ E.V.E. Paradox 1.1.1 ]

Name/Version: Keep a cool head! 0.4.3
Summary: Board game based on “Ludo” / “Mensch ärgere dich nicht” written in Java.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Keep a cool head! 0.4.3 ]

Name/Version: SDL Squares 3.0
Summary: SDL version of the classic puzzle game, 8-square.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ SDL Squares 3.0 ]

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