Stendhal 0.42

January 16th, 2006 by Marv

Fans of MMORPG might be interested in a newer version of Stendhal which uses the Arianne game development system. Updates in this release include:

  • Added Venom rat.
  • On death player lose Levels, XP, ATK and DEF.
  • Organized data in Java Webstart. Everything is now inside stendhal folder.
  • Added Protection zones to avoid PK.
  • Fixed blood anticampers feature.
  • New food system.
  • Added potions.
  • Added support command to talk with admin crew.
  • Improved item stacking.
  • Banned some improper usernames.
  • Better source and data organization.
  • Fixed a bug that happen when you kill a sheep.
  • Improved data structure.
  • New food system.
  • Added sound system.
  • Added drinks/poisons/poisonous creatures.
  • Fixed inventory self closes bug.
  • Stats show now equipped stuff too.
  • New event system.
  • Some creatures can heal themselves.
  • Fixed food stackable bug.

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