Lost Labyrinth 2.3.0

January 16th, 2006 by Marv

Lost Labyrinth 2.3.0, an rogue-like role-playing game, has been updated to version 2.3.0 Changes in this version include the following items:

  • The tiles for floors and walls change every 5 levels
  • We gain lorepoints and monsters leave treasure behind with spells and ranged weapons now too
  • With the Q Key we can see the last 25 messages
  • New Runetrap that teleports us back to earlier levels
  • Maximum 50 Lifepoints when we chose “weak”
  • Maximum 50 Manapoints when we chose “low mana”
  • Dark Mana gives only spellpower/2 Manapoints
  • Sorcery counts only for spells from spellschools (Not for Free Magic and Scrollore)
  • Refresh/Magic Apple only twice per level (but remove 60 points)
  • Trader shows amount of stacked items in our backpack
  • Display a warning in Mainscreen when we are close to dying
  • Display encumbrance in mainscreen
  • Verification Number for Highscore (New entries of the same character remove other entries!)
  • Typing errors in spanish version fixed (Thanx to joaquim!)
  • Bugfixes: Sling working again, Display real casting success chance for spells

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