Into Cerberon 0.0.1

January 9th, 2006 by Lightkey

Nemoder pointed out a DOOM³ total conversion that I had to pass along.
It is called Into Cerberon: Descent into DOOM³, which says it all. Here is what the team lead announced:

I really do apologize to the Mac and Linux fans out there, I really had no idea people would be so eager to play something that we ourselves considered buggy and merely a play-test. As a result of seeing many “:(” smilies in e-mails and on IRC, we rushed into production a Linux version of IC 0.0.1 to satisfy the penguins among us.

Since the package is different, multiplayer games will most likely not work between different platforms yet.

Download: [ Into Cerberos 0.0.1 ]

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