Matrox Parhelia Driver 1.4.3

December 23rd, 2005 by Lightkey

Matrox has released version 1.4.3 of their driver for the Parhelia and P650/P750 graphics cards on dec. 15. The new driver is not called a beta anymore.
It supports Linux up to 2.6.14 and XFree86 4.3 or X.Org 6.7.0 “or later”, and features the new TripleHead Independent (THI) mode that allows to set different resolutions and refresh rates for the displays.

The Known Issues reveal that the driver isn’t as stable yet for gaming at least:

– Some OpenGL based game engines do not work (ie. UT2003, UT2004) properly with this release and may crash or cause display corruption.
– Screen corruption may appear while using Blender.

The Readme has grown considerably with an “Advanced User Notes” accompanying it.
Matrox Driver 1.4.3 Download: [ ]

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  1. joeljkp Says:

    Are these drivers open-source for both 2d and 3d?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Greetings from the Video Guru

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