NVIDIA Linux Driver 1.0-8178 Release

December 23rd, 2005 by Lightkey

NVIDIA has released version 1.0-8178 of their Linux display drivers (x86 README / x86-64 README). This release contains only a few bugfixes:

  • Fixed a problem where certain precompiled kernel interfaces were not recognized.
  • Improved stability with the Composite X extension.
  • Fixed a corruption bug with RenderAccel and the Composite X extension when using wide desktops.
  • Fixed a problem validating HDTV modes on GeForce 6200.
  • Fixed detection of certain older TV encoders.
  • Fixed installation problems with Linux kernel source trees using separate KBUILD output directories.
  • Fixed installation problems on newer Debian systems.

NVIDIA Driver 1.0-8178 Download: [ x86 | x86-64 ]

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