Announcing FreeOrion

December 27th, 2005 by Marv

We received this announcement concerning FreeOrion :

In 1993, Micropose and Simtex released Master of Orion. In 1996, Microprose was back with Master of Orion II. In 2003, Infogrames and Quickviler released Master of Orion III. A lot of people in the MOO community felt that there was a great deal of potential untapped by MOO3 or its predecessors, and so FreeOrion was born.

A few days ago, the development team released FreeOrion v0.3, the first edition of the game to incorporate production and research. While it’s still early on in the development process, v0.3 showcases enough of the design, development, and art behind the project that we felt it was time to come out of hiding. FreeOrion can be downloaded from Sourceforge; basic information on FreeOrion is available from our Wikipedia entry, and more details can be had on the FreeOrion web site and forums.

If you like what you see, we hope you’ll consider becoming involved with the project. With AI, tactical combat, diplomacy, and more still around the bend, we always welcome developers, artists, and designers — not only is it a chance to work with some very talented people, it’s also an opportunity to showcase your work and carry the ‘Orion’ torch a little bit further.

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  1. Maquis196 Says:

    Huge fan of the original moo series, moo3 was such a disappointment :(

    Ill brush up on me skills and see what i can do for this :)

  2. Nepharis Says:

    I’m really glad this project is still going, the MoO series was awesome (with the dissapointing exceptions of III), and it’s the perfect type of game to remake as a F/OSS project. Huge props to the devs.

    Sadly, I couldn’t get it build on Darwin, so I’ll have to wait a few days until I get back to my *nix box, but I’m pretty excited about this.

    Happy genocide,

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