Vulture’s Eye/Claw 1.11

December 19th, 2005 by Crusader

Vulture’s Eye/Claw (screenshots), an isometric Nethack and Slash’Em interface based originally on Falcon’s Eye, has reached version 1.11. New features:

  • Many new features and bugfixes
  • More monster and figurine graphics
  • Unique graphics for most implemented statues and figurines
  • Great improvements in the map system, to the point where one can play 2D nethack within the game by leaving the map up.
  • Switched graphics to png to save space and use better loading code

It’s also noted that this will be the last major release in the 1.x series of Vulture’s, as the core is undergoing a major revision to move to 24-bit graphics.

Vulture’s Eye/Claw 1.11 Download: [ ]

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