LGeneral 1.2beta-10 Released

December 13th, 2005 by Marv

LGeneral, a game heavily inspired by Panzer General, has been updated to release 1.2beta-10. Changes in this release include:

  • internationalization and german localization
  • movement as in PG (which lets the enemy block ways much better and fixes the use of improper pathes)
  • added new weather types to reflect different air/ground conditions as in PG(like rain with dry ground)
  • adjusted weather for all scenarios
  • artilleries provide defensive fire at full strength (with a slightly higher chance to just surpress than if attacking directly)
  • parachutists like in PG (may select dropzone, may drift, may not move in the same turn)
  • AI units in, e.g. towns or close to an artillery, hold position to create groups of resistance, if AI has to defend
  • deploy turn is default
  • saved games are more stable and will work on both: big- and little endian systems
  • restored compatibility with third-party scenarios broken since beta-8
  • more fixes and enhancements

Download: [ LGeneral 1.2beta-10 ]

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