X-Plane 8.2X

December 5th, 2005 by Crusader

Version 8.20 of X-Plane was releasedrecently for retail users (the patch acts as a demo for those without the fullgame though). There are many new features, including working controls in thecockpit 3D mode, choosing slung load objects, and dynamic in-flight autopilotconstants. The site also has screenshots from version 8.21, which includes aGlobal Scenery texture pack.Version 8.21 is currently only available by orderingthe retail package, but I’m not certain which package Linux users should orderat the present: “X-Plane 8 DVD for LINUX” or “X-Plane 8.21 + NewGlobal Scenery”. I’ve e-mailed Laminar Research for clarification.

X-Plane 8.20 Patch/Demo Download: [ ]

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Laminar Research sent in the following clarification:

Right now Mac and PC only on the disk. Linux will follow in about 3weeks, w/ all 3 platforms on the same disk.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    You can get the scenery from Its about $30, much less than $80.00 or so for the full program.

    AS for the scenery, well its about 60GB in size! From the screenshots I have seen it does look impressive.

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