Savage 2 and Linux

October 27th, 2005 by Crusader

A reader has pointed out that the Savage 2 FAQ addresses the possibility of a Linux port:

Let me start by saying that I would like to do a Linux port. However our new engine (name K2) is DirectX driven, but we are contemplating doing an OpenGL version for a Linux port. Its not ruled out by any means. We’ll definitely contact those guys ( and do what we can to make sure it emulates as well as possible, port or not.

This is similar to the situation with Neverwinter Nights 2, where a Linux game’s sequel utilizes Direct3D, complicating a potential port.

Savage is a RTS/FPS multiplayer hybrid game developed and ported to Linux by S2Games.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I would buy both games (Savage2 and NWN2) if they had a native client. Not so interested in emulation… Although, I must say that I am pretty happy overall to see the Savage folks so interested in the Linux community.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    For me, Savage was one of the first Linux games i played and was amazed. I personally spoke to the authors and thanked them over and over again. They were all full of piss and viniger back then and Linux was all over their radar. It’s sad they are giving the usual PR-BS to keep Savage in the headlines. As far as i am concered, NO LINUX client, then no support – AT ALL. Even if somebody asks me about the game (windows or linux) i’ll direct them else where. Like say, Mindware studios or Epic.


  3. Xsecrets Says:

    I would imagine the reason they are not coding Savage2 cross platform, and not as concerned with Linux as they were on the first one is that their team fell apart. The person who pushed the Linux port and proper cross platform coding for the first one left for a larger development company shortly after the first one was released, and the Linux support fell on another guy who never seemed all that happy about it, and then he left. From what I can tell the team doesn’t have anyone left that cares about Linux at all.

  4. smtanner Says:

    If the linux support for savage 2 is the same as the original savage, I say don’t bother.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Savage works flawless in Linux with the SEP patch. Install it and continue play this great game! BUY the sequel if S2 release a native client. Not more complicated then that!

  6. salsadoom Says:

    Eh, you gotta expect this. After the lousy support they got for part1 — which I bought for the linux port — I’m not surprised to hear that we’ve continued to be dropped.

    Oh yeah, and that nice “We’ll help the transgaming guys make it work” well — whoopy-de-fuckin-do. No linux users are gonna play your gaming knowing what a pack of smucks S2 is.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Time to wake up guys, linux is not a viable revenue generating platform for game development houses. Rather than dissing the company for not releasing S2 for linux, they should be praised for at least giving it a shot with S1. They tried, it didn’t make them any money, they’re moving along.

    I personally could absolutely care less about nwn2 being windows only from the get-go. Anyone who was around at the release of the original NWN would remember how they lied through their teeth about the status of the linux port for six months. I never even played my copy of NWN–sold it on ebay before a linux client was ever released.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I wont buy a game that doesnt have a NATIVE Linux port. Money out of their pocket. MS SUCKS and I will not install a bug infested POS just to play games. That is what game consoles are for…

    You dont want to port to Linux, Dont… Your loss

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Savage was one of my favourite games during the past few years. I’d definitely buy Savage II unseen.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I really liked Savage, but by the time I had a GFX-card, that could play it (Had a G550 at the time), there were no-one around to play the Demo with.

    IF they release a native Linux version of Savage 2, I’m probably buying it, just for the hell of it (and to play it!) – Heck, I’ll even throw in 100 hours work (~4 weeks), if they need someone to help port it to Linux and OpenGL! DX3D and OGL ain’t _all_ that different (At least they are based on more or less the same rudimentary priciples)…


  11. zborgerd Says:

    This is actually a response to a discussion that we’ve been having in the S2 forums. Seems to be similar to a thread I posted in Offset Software’s (a new company started by some of the best brains behind Savage) forums:

    If you want Savage 2 on Linux, let them personally know. :)

    And look at Project Offset as well:

  12. Anonymous Says:

    look at the screenshots of savage 2!! 8D …. Let’t hope they contact Icculus insteed of the cedega people.

  13. salsadoom Says:

    Taking a closer look… it looks like S2 is warming up to a linux port. No guarantee’s or anything, but it does appear they like the idea and are willing to at least make a stab at rolling with it.

    My homeboy Icculus’s name was uttered by one of the staff at least once, so maybe they aren’t so ham’n’rye after all.

    Lets see how it plays out.

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