Wine Beta and Cedega 5.0 Soon

October 23rd, 2005 by Crusader

NewsForge posted a story stating thatthe open source Windows API implementation Wine will go betanext week:

Wine Project leader Alexandre Julliard, who hasworked on the software nearly since its beginning in 1993 and maintained itsince 1994, said interview yesterday that the beta release is “a matter ofdays away.” He has since updated that forecast and said it would be releasedon Tuesday, October 25th.

“We are currently in code freeze for the release,” Julliard said. “It shouldhappen sometime next week.”

Wine is utilized to run Windows-native applications, including games.

The story also quotes TransGaming CEO Gavriel State as stating version 5.0 of Cedega, their gaming-oriented Wine fork, is due to drop on November 7th. State also comments on TransGaming’s relationship with the Wine project:

Transgaming stopped wide-scale use of code from Wine in Cedega in March 2002 after a change to the Wine GNU Lesser General Public License. Although the company has continued to incorporate parts of Wine’s code under X11-style license terms under the ReWind project, State said he was unsure what sort of future involvement the company would have with Wine.

“We pay close attention to the progress of Wine since it’s so close to Cedega’s roots,” State said. “We’re thinking carefully about ways in which we might be able to cooperate more closely in the future.”

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