RIP John Hall

September 18th, 2005 by Crusader

I’m sorry to report that John “overcode” Hall passed away yesterday; Johnhad been battling skin cancer. He was the author of Programming LinuxGames, and a great friend. The staff of LinuxGames extends theircondolences to his family and friends.

Messages to John’s family and friends can be posted to his blog; you can read how to aid the fight against cancer @ the American Cancer Society site.

St├ęphane Peter has posted his memories of John at his blog.

Ryan Gordon has also posted a good deal of information regarding his experiences with John at his .plan.

Jamie Fristrom mentions John and his dedication to his latest game over at his blog.

15 Responses to “RIP John Hall”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry to hear that! people this you should not die. Remember when I first read about this here at Linuxgames. Never thought it would go this far.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    cool guy. he will be missed.


  3. ashridah Says:

    I spoke to overcode on irc on a number of occasions. Great guy, easily the strongest will I’ve ever seen in anyone.

    No-one should have to go like that, that’s really sad.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    :( Rest in peace!

  5. micks Says:

    but this made me cry. This always makes you wonder why it happens to people like John :(

  6. Svartalf_ Says:

    I fondly remember talking with him online about his book and helping him and others over at Loki Games with their issues with Utah-GLX- along with trying to come up with the next RPG (Yeah, like that ever came into being… :-) . Never knew he was fighting cancer. Wonderful man. Excellent developer. He will be missed.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    linuxgames should have a section on the left side of the site labelled: “Fallen Heroes of Linux Gaming”.

    Link it to a page that lists all the brothas of linux that we have lost – and what they did 4 linux gaming.

    Add john since he wrote one of the few books on linux gaming.

    Add other people that have done stuff for linux gaming that are no longer booting.

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