UT2004 Miscellany

September 18th, 2005 by Crusader

I’ve been slacking on news of late, so here’s a bunch of queued up UT2004 items from this summer:

  • Version 1.6 of AirBuccaneers, which features airborne pirate-themed combat (screenshots)was released – download
  • The Red Orchestra teamreleased a SummerOffensive map pack, which includes seven levels, weather effects, and evena paratrooper assault.
  • Free Monkey Interactive releasedbeta 2 of UT:XMP, which addsthe gameplay from Unreal II’s Expanded Multiplayer to UT2004 – download.There’s also a mutatoravailable for server admins to fix a respawn bug. If you’re looking for morelevels, there’s a GermanForum map pack available as well.
  • A new mod was released over the summer: Counter Organic Revolution, which pitstransforming robots against one another (media). It was mod of the month for August over attheMod Database; beta 1.0 and the 1.01 patchcan be downloaded here.
  • The TO: Crossfire site wasupdated with screenshots of maps slated for inclusion in the stand-alonesequel to Tactical-Ops.
  • There are a few more unit model screenshots at the Unreal Annihilation site. UA aims tore-create the style of the RTS gameTotalAnnihilation.
  • The Troopers: Dawn of Destinyis working on the next version of their Star Wars-themed mod, which will havea fullscreen map, 3D iron sights, and a fly-by camera; there’s also ashot of the new R2D2 model up.
  • The ChaosUT2: Evolutionteam hasposted a changelog and screenshots of new models for their next release oftheirgameplay expanding mod.
  • A new CTF map, CannonFodder2,has been released.

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