Neverwinter Nights Miscellany

September 4th, 2005 by Crusader
  • Version 1.52 of the CommunityExpansion Pack (download)for NeverwinterNights has beenreleased; v1.52 isfully compatible with NWN v1.66 and includes 71fixed human female heads.
  • Neverwinter Vault conducted aninterviewwith Chandigarof the Community Tileset Pack (gallery)regarding the content he’s created for that project.
  • A few Piratesof the Sword Coast(a BioWare premium module) items:
    • Characterprofiles for the crew of the Midnight Rose
    • Wallpapers
    • Aninterview with BioWare’s Todd Grenier about his work creating art for themodule.
  • There’s a profile ofthe Dragonsong persistent worldserver. The origin and unique features of the module are discussed.
  • Finally, there’s also a two-part article (PartI | PartII) at BioWare’s site with advice and tips for running an ongoing campaign.

3 Responses to “Neverwinter Nights Miscellany”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Does NWN stuff really matter anymore, when NWN2 is DirectX9.0c only?
    Should we bother supporting a franchiese, that has little to no interest in our community other than as a mean to leech server-side services?


  2. Anonymous Says:

    what is all this no nwn2 for linux because of directx?
    as far as i recall, nwn2 is going to use the unreal engine 3,
    which certainly isn’t directx only,
    nor even windows only thanks to the efforts of mr. gordon.

  3. rafaMEX Says:

    You can play it with pen and paper…
    or with the assitance of a PC with NWN installed. do I need to reboot and close all my stuff just to play NWN2 even if that can be played with a pencil and a paper??? wtf… winblows can rot in hell for all I care.

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