Balazar 0.2

September 3rd, 2005 by Crusader

Version 0.2 of Balazar: Arkanae II – Reforged Scepters (screenshots), an open source game written in Python which utilizes the Soya 3D engine, has been released. Here’s the description from Nekeme Productions:

Are you sure the Elven forgers’ secret has been lost after the first Arkanae ? Thousand years later, it comes back! In this 0.2 version, go through the Pompon forest to find a mysterious reforged scepter… Fights, traps, enigmas and treasures are waiting for you! Thanks to the Tofu network engine, multiplayer is available.
People that want to participate to the game development are welcome! Join us on the mailing list or the IRC channel #nekeme on Freenode.

Balazar 0.2 Download: [ ]

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