Linux Game Publishing Cancels Northland

August 30th, 2005 by TimeDoctor

Linux Game Publishing posted this unfortunate news to their site today:

Linux Game Publishing today announces that we have cancelled our contract to publish the Linux version of Northland, due to technical issues with the Linux version of the game that could not be resolved to our satisfaction.Anyone that is still interested in this game will still be able to order it (minus the unported multiplayer section) direct from Runesoft who have done the porting work on the portion of the game that will be released by them shortly.This decision by LGP in no way affects the other products from Runesoft, such as Software Tycoon or the upcoming Knights and Merchants.

4 Responses to “Linux Game Publishing Cancels Northland”

  1. kccricket Says:

    Sounds ’bout right. Something seemed fishy after Runesoft showcased Northland at Games Convention, yet the beta hadn’t been updated in a year.

  2. zborgerd Says:

    I respect the decision of LGP to only release games that will be complete. This indictes that they choose to only offer quality ports to the Linux gaming community.

    I implore Runesoft to reconsider their decision on the multiplayer issue. Oh… And try to pick up a port of Divine Divinity as well. :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi !

    Did anyone play the game under Linux ?
    If so, how is the game ?

    I am sure that there is no way a question of quality, it is rather a question of money (LGP pick 20% of each game sold, RuneSoft does not want that)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This seems to be a problem with Runesoft. From what I understand Knights and Merchants completion is held up because Runesoft has been unwilling to complete the multiplayer portion of the game. The only thing that makes these games playable is a multiplayer opition. I’m sorry to see such a half a$$ed effort on the part of Runesoft.

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