NVClock 0.8 Beta

September 3rd, 2005 by Marv

After more then 2 years, an updated version of NVClock has been released. This beta release contains numerous fixes and enhancements including the following items:

  • GeforceFX/6/7 support (experimental overclocking: Coolbits + low-level)
  • Pipeline modding for NV4x cards
  • Smartdimmer support for 6200Go based laptops
  • Hardware monitoring for LM99/MAX6659/F75375S/W83L785R chipsets
  • Support for internal NV43/NV44/NV47 temperature sensor
  • Ability to enable disabled temperature sensors used on NV43/NV44/NV47 boards
  • Fanspeed adjustment for FX5900/6600GT/6800GT boards and F75375S/W83L785R sensors
  • OpenGL options using NV-CONTROL extension
  • Rewritten GTK2 interface
  • Bios parsing (GeforceFX/6/7)
  • X86-64 support

Download: [NVClock 0.8 Beta ]

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    My well-educated guess is, that a handy RPM is underway and will arrive shortly.

    Best regards…


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