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August 29th, 2005 by Crusader

Some updates over at the GarageGamescommunity page:

  • LoreCon2005 was recently held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for Dark Horizons Loreplayers (demodownload | retailordering page); a recap of the eventis up at Quad Rebel Force.
  • The sessions andspeakersfor the Indie GamesConference 2005 have been announced; Ryan “icculus” Gordon is among them, althoughhe’s slated to be discussing OSX game development. The conferencetakes place in Eugene, Oregon, from October 7th through the9th; you can register for it onlinehere.
  • Finally, there will be a TorqueBoot Camp at the Indie Games Con, which will be a seminar to introducedevelopers to the TorqueGame Engine, which has a Linux codebase and can belicensed for $100 USD.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    you used to be my hero and now you will talk about game coding on an OS controlled by an Evil corporation.

    what happened to you?

    iHope you can find the light again someday…


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