NVIDIA nForce Drivers 1.0-0306

August 25th, 2005 by Marv

For those of you with nForce architecture motherboards, version 1.0-0306 of NVIDIA’s driver suite for this chipset has been released; changes include:

  • Added support for 2.6.12 series kernels
  • nvnet forced mode operation
  • nvnet handling of packets with length field errors
  • nvsound operation with Skype
  • nvsound operation with Xine

Download: [ nForce Drivers 1.0-0306 X86 ] [ nForce Drivers 1.0-0306 AMD64 ]

3 Responses to “NVIDIA nForce Drivers 1.0-0306”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I stopped bothering with these packages period. Why worry about it not working when you upgrade the kernel or not being able to have network when you first install a linux system. I was so happy when forcedeth first came out, and in the past year alsa has done a nice job with their support..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I start to understand why MS has a hard time with their fixes with drivers…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I have a nforce based motherboard. I saw there is a nforce support in the 2.6 kernel. Do I have to install this or the driver in the kernel is ok ? I am a bit confused …

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