LMS 2.0 Update; Sigma Quadrant Map

August 23rd, 2005 by Crusader

The Last Man Standing site was updatedrecently with a laundry list of features slated for version 2.0 of the DOOM III cooperative multiplayer mod:

  • Due to popular demand, option to enable ragdolls! Will be off bydefault
  • Tpose bug fixed!
  • Breathing bug has been fixed
  • Support for 16 players
  • Difficulty support for 16 players
  • Possible basic ROE support!!
  • Lag reductions
  • Tlabs map by Kaiser
  • New progression map by Kaiser
  • Prog_sewer map by Mercykiller – screenshots
  • Bug fixes to Radiotower and hopefully two animations with it!
  • Killfest maps will start in hardcore by default
  • Other various bug fixes

There’s also a poll running ontheir forums where userscan vote for their favorite Killfest game mode map. I had a chance to play version 1.0 while at QuakeCon (in the sp campaign and a KFmap); I highly recommend DOOM III players check it out:

Finally, it was mentioned that Kaiser has released a single-player map for DOOM III called “Sigma Quadrant“(download).

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  1. ZlatkO Says:

    Escape From Deimos – MOD info
    [b]This mod does not support Mac and Unix versions of Doom3.[/b] Please read “important.txt” for more information.

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