Brian Hook’s Write Portable Code

August 22nd, 2005 by Crusader

Brian Hook has written a book introducing techniques for writing code that iseasily ported across multiple operating systems and architectures: Write Portable Code, from No Starch Press (who also published John Hall’s Programming LinuxGames). Brian Hook hasworked for 3dfx (where he created the Glide API) and id Software, and is currently presidentof Pyrogon, which has released Candy Cruncherand NingPo MahJong for Linux. The book includes lessons showing programmers how to:

  • Avoid common portability mistakes when starting out a new project
  • Reformat existing, non-portable code so that it can be easilytransplanted to new platforms
  • Greatly expand the target market for their products
  • Find bugs masked by platform specific behaviors
  • Retain flexibility by not becoming married to a specific developmentenvironment or target platform

More information (including where to order) can be found here.

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