New Q3Test Build Next Week

July 30th, 1999 by Crusader

id guru John Carmack updated his .plan today to comment on the lack of a Mac version 1.07 Q3Test release, and note that a new build may be released as early as Monday for all 3 platforms:

I apologize for not getting the Mac version released this last time.

All conspiracy theories aside, here is what actually happened:

I had my San Jose travel scheduled a while ago, and we were expectingto have the release done before I left. We didn’t quite make it, andnobody else at the office knew how to build the mac version afteCash made some last minute changes.
When I got back, Graeme was taking off to move his family down here.Graeme is in charge of building all the installs for our releases.
I considered just tossing new executables with the latest fixesfor everything, but some data has changed, and it just isn’tworth the hassle right now.

We will be making proper new releases for all architectures mondaynight when he gets back.

He also tacked on his latest worklog:

* fixed marks fading properly in fog volumes
* show weapon in fov >90, adjusting position down as needed
* allow run/bob variables to be changed in non-cheat games
* update scoreboard info while at intermission
* fixed angles on resetplayerentities, corrects twitch on
players as you come through a teleporter or respawn
* print “waiting to play” for tourney spectators
* fixed tied rank with 0 score and spectators
* return to roaming spectator when a followed client quits or spectates
* release windows cursor when running windowed and the console is down

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