Riotball 1.5

August 20th, 2005 by Marv

A new release of Riotball, a commerical version of the classic Arkanoid, with some new twists has been released.Major changes in this release:

  • Complete revamp of the in game art
  • Complete rewrite of the user interface
  • New continue feature. Now it is possible to resume the game from the level you last lost.
  • Numerous gameplay enhancements
  • Collision detection bugfix
  • Added in game help

Download: [ Riotball 1.5 Demo ]

2 Responses to “Riotball 1.5”

  1. Hohlraum Says:

    been around forever.

  2. jsheedy Says:

    Though it looks as if this game is well put together, I most likely will not buy it. I did like Arkanoid, but 15 years ago. I still may play it a little now and then, but LBreakout2, and other free versions will fill that void. It is nice they have a linux version, I just hope the development for the linux version did not cost a lot. I would hate to see them look at the sales of a linux version, and say that there is not market at all. There is a market, just not a wide market. Under linux, it would be hard to sell a game that is so much like others out there that are free. If you plan to release your games under linux, you need to make sure it would be a game that 1) fills a void, 2) so much more polished over other versions, or 3) Brand new, and highly anticipated (doom 3).

    Of course I do not know for sure, so my assumptions that this game may not sell well could very well be incorrect.

    What does everyone else think? Please don’t respond with the, “Shut up, If you don’t what it, don’t buy it” crap. I am looking for an actual well thought out comment.

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