Runesoft At GC

August 18th, 2005 by Crusader

Runesoft Entertainment let us know that they are presenting games at this year’s Games Convention, a gaming industry trade show (akin to E3) in Leipzig, Germany, which runs from August 17th through the 21st. The Linux version of Northland is on display; they are located at the stand of Runesoft’s partner company Magnussoft in Hall 3 (Stand B10).

5 Responses to “Runesoft At GC”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    looks good, I hope there is a demo and hope it turns out to be good enough to buy.

  2. kccricket Says:

    If they’re demo-ing Northland on Linux, then they [i]must[/i] have made some improvements over LGP’s beta number 1 (but haven’t released it to the beta testers). Do they still plan on publishing with LGP?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Northland is an addictive game.

    If you want to support a company that support your OS of choice, please buy Robin Hood : The Legend of Sherwood here :

    Robin Hood is a true Linux native games unlike Darwinia, that you purchase with the Windows version and have to download the Linux Client on the WebSite…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I bought this from LGP a year ago. Still nothing final portside. I’m wondering if I’ll ever see it.

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