Phoronix: ASRock 775Dual-880Pro Linux Performance

August 22nd, 2005 by Crusader

The venerable hardware site Phoronix posted another review recently; this article looks at the ASrock 775Dual-880ProDual-880Pro motherboard:

Although ASRock is generally regarded by computer enthusiasts for producing poor and inadequate motherboards when compared against its rivals, they do manage to manufacture incredibly inexpensive and extremely innovative products. Currently, ASRock offers a combo, dual, and upgrade series – each of which series brings their own unique features. In fact, the focus of this article is the newly unleashed 775Dual-880Pro motherboard that not only supports DDR and DDR2, but also AGP and PCI Express, while supporting Intel’s new dual-core processors! Surprisingly, the motherboard does run quite well under Linux.

DOOM III, Enemy Territory, and UT2004 are utilized for the benchmarks.

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