CodeRED: Alien Arena Tournament Saturday August 13

August 7th, 2005 by Crusader

On Saturday, August 13th (10:00AM Eastern Daylight Time), COR Entertainment will be hosting their first CodeRED: Alien Arena online tournament. Winners of the FFA and 1v1 contests will receive a brand new Logitech optical mouse; following these matches will be TDM, CTF, and Bot Slaughter for fun and bragging rights. Anyone interested in playing will need to sign up at the COR forums.

The Linux version of CodeRED: Alien Arena is available here.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Let me count the inventory…
    RS232C ball mice XXXXXX
    PS2 ball mice XXXXX
    USB1 ball mice XX
    USB1 optical mice :-(
    USB2 optical mice :-(

    I could use a RS232C bridge to USB, not another mouse. Besides, old mice are Better(TM).

    The Alpha Troll

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