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July 18th, 2005 by Crusader

The official QuakeCon site has beenupdated with lots of news about the upcoming convention. Here’s their list ofwhat’s planned for attendees:

  • Attend a keynote address by id Software co-founder and lead programmerJohn Carmack
  • Get a first look at QUAKE 4 multiplayer gameplay
  • Get the latest details on Enemy Territory: QUAKE WARS
  • Go to two over-the-top, wild parties
  • Check out the $150,000 Nvidia Championships at QuakeCon
  • Attend the popular overclocking workshop sponsored by HardOCP

I think it’s also likely there will be something related to the upcoming(October) DOOM movie there.

It’s also mentioned that computerrentals are available for those not bringing their own machines.

The Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory tournament brackethas been posted, which lists the 16 teams that will be competing at theconvention. Demos from the qualifiers can be found here.

The tournament rulesare online; recent changes include the Ms. QuakeCon Championship being bumpedup to 64 participants.

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