Cedega 4.4

July 18th, 2005 by Crusader

TransGaming Technologies hasreleased version 4.4 of Cedega, theirgaming-oriented Windows API implementation.NewFeatures include support for Guild Wars, and fixes for Civilization III,Battlenet titles, and Command and Conquer: Generals.

There’s also an updatefor Point2Play, a frontend for Cedega.

Finally, TransGaming announced a releaseof Cedega ($44.95 USD for a one year subscription) for the LinspireLinuxdistribution:

“Gamers don’t have to choose between Linux and Windows anymore,” said KevinCarmony, president and CEO of Linspire, Inc.”The release of Cedega technologyfor Linspire fills one of the most serious application gaps that exist forwidespreadadoption of desktop Linux. The added bonus is that installation of Point2Playwith Cedega is so easy and affordable,you’ll be able to play Windows games on Linspire for less than it would costto purchase a Windows system.”

Linspire’s unique one-click CNR software download tool, paired withTransGaming’s easy-to-use Point2Play GUI interface,means hundreds of Triple-A rated Windows games will play on desktop Linux withminimal installation. Users who purchaseCedega for Linspire can download and install the Point2Play applicationthrough the CNR Warehouse. Once installed,Point2Play will automatically send users through a set-up wizard to configurethe Cedega component, which is installeddirect from TransGaming.

“TransGaming’s technology helps Linux gamers bridge the gap between theabundance of games on Windows and theversatility of the Linux operating system,” said Vikas Gupta, president andCEO of TransGaming Technologies. “Ourongoing relationship with Linspire allows the two companies to play to eachothers’ strengths as leaders in the desktopLinux market and supply our customers with the choice they want.”

5 Responses to “Cedega 4.4”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’d be interested to know if anyone has tried Guild Wars yet? Successes?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    …play Warhammer 40k: Dawn Of War…DAMNIT!

    No it doesnt work with the directX patches!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    is there anything wrong with just playing native games..are you that are playing these windows only games and paying money to the vendors that dont support linux binaries, at least playing native linux games to show vendors their efforts aren’t wasted ?

    if not linux gaming wont go anywhere..sure you need a game or two to play with friends but there are some real nice games out for linux that are just as deserving as guild wars and that dont require you giving your money to M$ peddelers.

    I have not boughten a windows games in years and I wont start now, and I’d like to think linux gaming would really take off if we ALL did just that..if they build them and we dont come then dont look for anymore titles FOR linux..its dollars and sense. I think what linspire is doing by backing cedega is flat going against grain of linux gaming, although its clear the greed has them not seeing it that way.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    There are some beautiful games around, that can be run natively under Linux

    Instance :

    This is the most addictive Linux games of 2005.

    Why do you prefer buying Windows games instead of this one ?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    TransGaming has been talking about several new innovations that they’re working on such as improved VBO (vertex_buffer_object) because they started to realize it’s signifigance to performance.. and also they’re own scheduler to improve performance under 2.6 Linux kernels.. their developer reports have been abuzz about these innovations for months and months now.. i’ve seen nothing though. they’re all talk and VERY little action. a few tweaks here and there to correct some problems.. the polls seem to be doing almost nothing to affect their decisions.

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