xmame/xmess 0.97

June 14th, 2005 by Marv

The ever-famous xmame/xmess has been updated to release 0.97. Changes include the following items:

  • Everything from MAME 0.97 and MESS 0.97
  • When the emulation is unpaused, the keyboard state is cleared. This prevents keypresses from bleeding over from the user interface.
  • The SDL driver now uses the correct green mask for RGB 565. This fixes a problem with SDL on DirectFB being unable to find a valid video mode. (Uli H.)
  • The SDL driver now locks the video surface before retrieving the pointer to its memory. This fixes a crash with SDL on DirectFB. (Uli H.)
  • Fixed a few spots in the code for 4.3 BSD, e.g., OpenStep on NeXT.
  • Fixed bugs in the Xv driver and the 6-tap effect that affected big-endian architectures. (Hans de Goede)

Download: [ xmame/xmess 0.97 Full] [xmame/xmess 0.96-0.97 diff ]

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