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June 7th, 2005 by TimeDoctor

The Doom 3 co-op modification, Last Man Standing, gave us this update on their mod:

First I would like to mention that we now have a newirc channel. Gamesurge has been a bit too unstablefor our likes, so thanks to the recommendation byKaiser and AgentSpork, our new channel is channel #lms-mod The irc channel is agreat place to talk in real time to the devs and tomeet up with other players to get a game going.

In other news, progress has been going incrediblyfast, especially on the coding side. Here is a brieflist of things already accomplished:

  • PDA Bug is fixed
  • Player names now appear above a player’s head, and show through walls so that players have an easier time finding each other as can be seen here:
  • Many reliable message overflow bugs have beencrushed
  • Weapons tweaked to reduce lag
  • New High Score gui in development
  • Weapon sound problem is fixed
  • Many more! Next version is already much improved!

Regarding the next version, we are hoping to releaseit by the end of June. This means that anyone whowants to submit custom maps or other materials to themod need to have them in by the 23rd of June. Also,we are excited to annouce that due to allimprovements, and stability of the next version, weare going to be releasing it as 1.0 Official!

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