Man Bites Squid; Gordon Updates .Plan

June 7th, 2005 by TimeDoctor

Ryan “By day I’m an ordinary game porter, but by night I am….ICCULUS!” Gordon updated his .plan with these bits of relavent information:

2.4.0 for Linux is in beta testing Right This Very Minute. The MacOS version isn’t far behind. I expect the Mac one to go to beta during WWDC, if I can find somewhere to upload the whole thing. Like Windows, there will be no patch from 2.3.0, so expect to be downloading the whole thing. There is no patch because the patch version was basically the same size as 2.4.0’s full install…2.4.0 is the first version based on ut2004’s codebase (all the previous ones were sort of a pre-ut2003/ut2004 potluck thing), so basically all of the data file formats changed. The next version after 2.4.0 will have a patch from 2.4.0, for what that’s worth. In the meantime, start making friends with people that own both cable modem and a DVD burner. :)

Postal 2:
We’re working out last minute kinks in Apocalypse Weekend, then we can put this one to bed. If you buy this off AND TELL THEM YOU’RE A MAC OR LINUX USER, you’ll get one CD that works on Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Otherwise, you’re likely to get a CD that only contains a Windows installer…we’ll make sure you get a downloadable installer to work with that disc, but just be aware when ordering your copy!

Unreal Tournament 2004:
So the latest Nvidia Linux drivers added support for the extension GL_EXT_framebuffer_object, which, to those not in the know, gives OpenGL functionality roughly equivalent to Direct3D’s concept of render targets… this is the render-to-texture support that has been sorely needed for several bits of important functionality: namely, detailed shadows, motion blur, the Hellbender license plate, and the scoreboard in DM-Morpheus. I have this roughly working in my codebase already (the extension is sweet and exactly what I’ve wanted since ut2003 shipped). An hour of effort got me an upside down license plate and blocky shadows, so this isn’t ready for the public yet, but it looks like you’ll have this sooner or later after all. If the extension shows up in MacOSX, I’ll support it there, too.
Screenshots, warts and all:
(ArmyOps 2.4.0)

He also goes on to talk about a variety of somewhat interesting Mac things. For those of you that don’t know, Apocalypse Weekend is the single-player expansion pack for Postal 2.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone else find that, in UT2004, mouse input is much smoother in the Windows version? It’s always seemed like the mouse input in UT2004 in Linux was a bit… “chunky” to me, and now that I’ve compared it to the Windows version I can say for sure that this is a somewhat serious problem.

    On both Linux and Windows I have smoothing off, reduce mouse lag on, and I’ve experimented with Accel threshhold, mouse speed in X, etc., and I cannot get the same accuracy as in Windows.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    if the new drivers would be stable again…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t see any place in the order form to specify that I’m a linux or MAC user.. and there is no phone number or contact info listed.

  4. Svartalf_ Says:

    Go read it. Read it again.[br]
    Once you’ve done that, realize that this is why we don’t have Linux games as well as we could. Most of this stuff, we’re doing more for the benefit that you all can have them so you won’t have to dual boot.[br]
    Now, before someone pops off with a “Finish Ballistics” comment- I will make the comment that my dev machines were broken up until just yesterday and I’m back able to test things and finish what I’m supposed to be doing. Should be back up to speed over this weekend and I’m quite hopeful that we can put those last two bugs to bed in short order.

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