Stendhal 0.13

May 31st, 2005 by Crusader

Stendhal version 0.13 is now available; changes for this release:

  • Added API for identifing several attackers.
  • Improved creature AI to attack anyone near it.
  • Added icon to main game window
  • Fix zone change problem
  • Fix placeat problem
  • Improved NPC and Sign texts
  • Added afterlive zone
  • Improved perception sizes
  • Fixed a bug onMyRPObject handling method
  • Added a progress bar for connect
  • Added storage of username and password
  • Added forest
  • Added afterlive
  • Added GUI
  • Changed XP reward for each creature
  • Changed Rat, Cave rat, Wolf and Orc RP attributes.
  • Added Level attribute.
  • Fixed portal collision bug

Stendhal is a MMORPG developed with the Arianne project.

Stendhal 0.13 Download: [ ]

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Important .
    There is a bug at Linux JRE that makes input to be handled in a different way of other OS ( Windows and MacOS ), so a keyrelease event is launched even when key is pressed. The result is that the game will appear laggy.

    You can fix this problem by doing:

    xset r off

    And do xset r on when finish playing to reenable key repetition.

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