Terminal DOOM

May 28th, 2005 by Crusader

If you’ve been playing Doom 3, you’ve seenthe myriad of in-game user interfaces (PDA, computer monitors, machinerycontrols). Moreover, if you’ve perused the SDK, you’ve probably noticed theGUI scripting system thatallows players/developers to create their own game controls and menus.Now, Bernd Kreimeier, who has created and contributed to scores of Linux gamingprojects over the years (Q2Java and several Loki ports), has released a proofof concept mod that transcends the existing GUI functionality: TerminalDOOM.

Terminal DOOM allows the player to walk up to a monitor and play theoriginal DOOM shareware levels from within Doom 3 (screenshots).The mod is intended to demonstrate that fully interactive surfaces arepossible in the game; Kremeier has written a draft documentthat delineates the utility of interactive surfaces in gaming.

Kremeier also notes that the Doom 3 source for the mod will be released inthe near future (a changelogand are available already).

Terminal DOOM Download (Doom 3 v1.3 Required): [ ]

5 Responses to “Terminal DOOM”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing the possibilities seem infinite.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    this is so cool

  3. ashridah Says:

    I really REALLY want to see someone pull off something system-shock alike with doom3’s interactive surfaces.

    Setup a stats-based system, cast the player as a member of the tech corps in the UAC navy. I could see having to wander around a base that’s practically falling appart, cracking open panels and ‘rewiring’ stuff in order to get around the base, turn on or turn off systems, find parts, and other assorted deals. Then having to double back through half of the base because you find you’ve forgotten stuff.

    All while a demonic computer system sends mad bots, zombies, demons and other assorted stuff after you.
    It’d need to setup a system of randomly spawned critters tho.

    would be awesome. :)

    Pity we can’t remake system shock 2 directly. damned EA.


  4. Crusader Says:

    2D to 3D magicks!

    It looks like the Doom 1 imp is tossing his fireball to the Doom 3 imp or something. I guess. Maybe.

  5. Anonymous Says:

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