Last Man Standing 0.35

May 27th, 2005 by TimeDoctor

LMS’ Calimer sent us news of the latest version of their co-operative Doom 3 modification; also, I am the copy and paste master:

I’m excited to annouce the release of Beta 0.35!! Inaddition to being a compatability release with theDoom 3 1.3 patch, we have some new content. Here is avery brief summary of some of the new features.

  • SP Coop is now beatable because the soulcube is fullyworking
  • prog_hangar tweaked and much more playable
  • kf_loading_dock recieved some heavy gameplay tweaksthat I’m really proud of. Check out the cameo that Iincluded!
  • kf_lockedin recieved some heavy gameplay tweaks aswell, including new waves.
  • LMS chaingun is fixed (overheating removed)
  • kf_ancientruins now included.
  • Lots of various bugfixes

Please read the FAQ here:

And report bugs here:

Last Man Standing 0.35 Download: [ D3Files ]

Update – We recieved this update on the Beta 0.35 release from calimer:

There is a slight error in our file that cycles themaps for the LMS Mod gametype. To correct the error,please download the mapcycle.scriptcfg here:

Put the file in your Doom 3/lms_beta035 folder andyou’re good to go. Sorry for this inconvenience.Take care and thank you for your time.

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