Attal 0.9.3

May 26th, 2005 by Crusader

Version 0.9.3 of Attal (screenshots), a fantasy-themed turn-based strategy game, is now available. Changes:

  • Highlight lord when selected
  • Better start game management (autoFill with AI, hide AI (experimental), better campaign management)
  • Improved fight mode (client, server, bug fix)
  • Improved scenarioEditor (disposition management, better placement management)
  • Disposition for decoration now used for pathfinding
  • Add command line help
  • It is possible to disable sound at command line (for hardware problems)
  • Management of different screen resolutions
  • Management of log level at command line
  • Management of player vision on savefiles
  • Usability improvements (highlight internals buildings, more info given, better buy building interface, castle improved, market improved)
  • Improve AI (AI can use market, better management of internals buildings)
  • New scenarii
  • Bug fixing

Attal 0.9.3 Download: [ ]

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