Darwinia 1.21

May 12th, 2005 by TimeDoctor

Fans of Introversion‘s latest have reason to be excited today; Darwinia 1.21 is out in both patch and updated-demo forms for Linux. Instructions for the updated Linux version-for-the-full-game are here. The Windows demo still isn’t updated, so we’re getting a bit of a bonus with the demo being updated. Changes from the developer’s mouth:

The changes include a brand new mouse selection system (which is much better than the old one), massively improved Radar Dishes (they were a bit unreliable in the initial release, we have to admit), performance enhancements, new modding features, and a bunch of bug fixes and difficulty tweaks. There’s a lot of stuff in this patch.

Complete ChangeLog

Darwinia 1.21 Downloads: [ patch | demo ]

4 Responses to “Darwinia 1.21”

  1. ravalox Says:

    This game crashes on my linux installation every time I run it. It looks great, great idea and everything, but very unstable.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Where’s the changelog?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    still waiting for my copy

  4. Anonymous Says:

    - New bootloader : Amiga

    is there a Amiga version to?

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