DOOM 3 Single Player Map

May 5th, 2005 by TimeDoctor

The Last Man Standing team let us know that one of their members, Kaiser, has made up a fancy single player map for regular (non-RoE) DOOM 3. The map, “Refueling Station” (screenshots,) is available from until D3Files gets back online. It should be some good fun until we get RoE for Linux!

Refueling Station Download: [ ]

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  1. tjwhaynes Says:

    d3files seems to have been down for a number of days now – anyone know what happened?

    On a similar note, what decent mods and maps have people played with Doom 3? I’ve mucked around with the following:

    Parallax mod (which seems to work but is pretty subtle),
    Plasma Sentry (which is extremely cool on nightmare mode – spawn a few marines and have a serious firefight)
    Ducttape (essential really ;-) )
    Project Brian (collection of mods ranging from gore to resurrecting zombies)

    Any maps I should check out?

    Toby Haynes

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