Racer 0.5.2 beta 8.9

April 21st, 2005 by Crusader

There’s a new beta release of Racer (screenshots), a cross-platform car sim project which features realistic physics, available for testing. Racer is intended to be easily customizable, with open documentation on the game’s content file formats. 0.5.2 Beta 8.9 fixes some issues and includes slightly improved AI velocities.

Racer 0.5.2 Beta 8.9 Download: [ | Loki Installer ]

5 Responses to “Racer 0.5.2 beta 8.9”

  1. Hohlraum Says:

    uses some lame closed source sound library that you have to jump through hoops to make work.

  2. azzido Says:

    Very nice game. The screenshots you see are a little bit old. Official forum for this game is
    You can download a lot of cars from

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Would you have been happy if he used creativeLESS controlled “open”AL?

  4. DavidOtero Says:

    Hi everyone. how can I install it on Ubuntu??

  5. DavidOtero Says:

    it doesn work with the loky installer :(

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